The ripple effect: individuals – groups – planet

I know a number of leadership coaches who focus on building personal leadership. Likewise, I know training and development professionals who focus on organizational development and effectiveness. And there are an increasing number of sustainability consultants who work with companies to improve their sustainability performance.

I’m not much of an isolationist. I think all 3 are interrelated. It’s like a ripple effect:
We need individuals to be leaders, to contribute the best of themselves to organizations.
We need organizations to be at their best holistically in order to have each organization play their role in the sustainability of the planet.
We need to better understand the technical, systemic issues impacting the sustainability of our planet so that organizations and individuals within them can devise the solutions to challenges we face.
The one person contributes to the efforts of the many inside an organization for the purpose of the one planet.

But why should we care? What does it matter to our day to day lives? Isn’t sustainability for weed-smoking vegetarian hippies?

Actually, it isn’t.

The UN projects that by 2050 there will be 9-10 billion people on the planet. That’s another 2-3 billion over today. We all have to have enough food to eat, shelter, water, and things to occupy our time with. Climate change, economic ups and downs, soil degradation, resource depletion, youth unemployment, are just some of the major phenomena that are heavily impacting our ability to live peacefully and prosperously as humanity in the future.

And still, the future could feel like a movie that we never have to actually experience in real life. Who cares about 2050? Where will all of us be by then anyway? What of now?

Well, believe it or not: these issues are real now. They impact us today and will continue to have an increasing impact on us going forward.

What we choose to do today, as individuals, as groups, and as a planet has a real impact on our ability to lead happy, fulfilled lives today as much as it does in the future.

What I hope to do via this blog is to share some thoughts, collate some things I’m learning, and generate a dialogue on how we can embark on a journey of happiness, fulfillment and sustainability, as individuals, as organizations, and as a planet. That said, talk is cheap: my real motive behind this is to get us all to start acting in ways that puts us in the driver’s seat of the journey we choose to undertake for a better present and future.

So let’s begin


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