A friend recently asked me what my vision was.

I told her:

I always have the projections of 9-10 billion people on the planet by 2050 in my mind. Resource issues, economic instability and general uncertainty already abound, and could worsen. I believe that to thrive in the world of today and the world up to 2050, humanity is going to have to be self-confident, creative, and above all, ingenious in finding solutions to challenges that are and challenges that will be.

My vision is to build the capacity of individuals, businesses and related institutions to realize and activate their self-confidence, creativity and ingenuity for a better world going forward.

And then she said: ‘Is that a personal vision or a professional vision’.

Man I love friends who challenge you to reflect deeply.

So I said ‘that’s my professional vision, C, my personal vision is:

To help people and organizations be the best of themselves by realizing their own potential and acting on it. I love to figure things out in murky, uncharted waters, and to generate out-of-the-box powerful solutions.

There, said it.

Shorter, faster?

I help figure things out.



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